Inspirational Journeys Presents: How to Incert Hyperlinks in a WordPress blog post

Hello everyone in the blogosphere, Here’s today’s video and podcast episode about inserting hyperlinks in your blog posts. If you have any questions about this writing tip or you’d like to share tips you’ve learned during your author journey, please email me or connect with me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Please fill out … Read more

3 Tips for Making Your Book Babies Shine

Hello everyone in the blogosphere, Today I have another writing related post to bring you. If you’d like to hear the latest episode of the Inspirational Journeys podcast, where I talk about the tips I’m bringing you, and share my reason behind these tips, please visit: Last night, I started reading a book called Don’t … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Guest Interview with Claire O’Sullivan

INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! Aspiring Author Claire O’Sullivan! Hello: I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure. Please be sure to read onward after the following message to learn how you can be my guest here on INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS. Thanks for listening and do write to let me and my guest know what … Read more

Original poetry and a podcast episode

Today I share a progress update and a bit of writing encouragement for my listeners. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Progress update in writing encouragement I also wrote the following poem after being challenged to tell people about my author world by a friend on her podcast this morning. We … Read more

Testing Zoom and other fun author related stuff podcast episode

In this first one on one discussion episode, DR. Jennifer Ikner Lowry and I are testing out the Zoom platform for interviews. We provide a few tips for podcasters, authors and bloggers to help the listeners grow their platform, while sharing our author journey with you.   View the original video here: (   Listen … Read more

Changing Up Your Writing Routine Could Solve Your Biggest Creative Problem

via Changing Up Your Writing Routine Could Solve Your Biggest Creative Problem Having a strict writing routine doesn’t always work for me. Whe I want to sit down and write or edit, I sometimes get bogged down. However, I can be reading a book that’s totally unrelated to what I’m writing, and I get inspired, and … Read more

A second opinion of Unified English Braille, and a writing tip I discovered by reading this new braille code

Hello everyone, After reading my July issue of the Braille Music Magazine produced in Unified English Braille (UEB), in the UK, I have discovered that this change isn’t as bad as I first thought. Here’s why: At first I found the dropping of certain contractions that I was used to seeing in literary braille a … Read more