Original Poetry: The Window to My Writing World

When you open my window What will you see? Pages and words Dotted with bits of me. Ideas that flow like raindrops upon a fresh blank page Words that will forever Last from age to age. These ideas I must write down, For I mustn’t forget, Each story has new characters Whom I’ve never met. … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Two writing Challenges

Today’s writing challenges are as follows: Write a story using these six adjectives: 1. SHINY, SILVER 2. COLD AND GREASY 3. SCRATCHED AND WEATHER-WORN 4. SWEET AND PUNGENT 5. INK-STAINED 6. SHRILL, PIERCING Writing exercise number two, write a poem that contains one nine letter word and is inspired by the word “Misfit”. To hear … Read more

Two Writing Exercises

pen and paper[/caption I have two writing exercises for you today. They are as follows: 1. What is your lucky number and what does it mean in your writing? 2. Use everyday objects as inspiration for your WIP. To hear these writing prompts and the stories behind them, listen to the most recent episode of … Read more

Threewriting prompts

In the latest episode of inspirational journeys, I give you three writing prompts and the stories behind them. My three writing prompts are as follows: A motorcycle being run off the road by a Honda accord, hooks and ladders, and code 60. To listen to these writing prompts and the stories behind them, please visit … Read more

A fun writing challenge!

Hello everyone, Today I want to talk about a topic that’s a little lighter in tone. Let’s do something fun, let’s have a writing prompt challenge!   I was looking around on a social media app called Vorail, and I found some interesting questions. I had to think about some of these, because they are … Read more

Musings for inspiration

Hello everyone, Today I went on a mobility lesson to the library here in Athens, GA. I had a very interesting meeting with a lady in the administration office, where I needed to learn about book signings. The people I need to talk to weren’t there at the time of the lesson, but I gave … Read more