Inspirational Journeys Presents: Minisnota the Cat Writing Challenge

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,  I have a fun writing challenge for you. Check out my YouTube video and podcast episode to hear me read my poem entitled The Life and Times of Minisnota the Cat. The challenge is for you to answer the question: Why does Minisnota live in a chair under an umbrella? … Read more

Original Poetry: The Dancing Hands of Time

  An old watch keeps time in my pocket. Does it show the time of the day? Or spin away the remaining hours of a lifetime?   With numbers big and bold, And hands covering the face of old I take out my treasure And watch as the hours spin away.   The second hand … Read more

A writing prompt and a Story to share

Today I went shopping with my parents and I heard this random comment at Wal-Mart. The comment was something about umbrellas and chairs. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: writing prompt, umbrellas and chairs–umbrellas-and-chairs-e3ruop to hear the story behind this prompt

A Writing Challenge

The reason behind the challenge Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and readers, I want to do something out of the ordinary. I found this writing prompt when I was looking for inspiration for a short story several years ago. I don’t remember the website, but for this challenge, I’m going to get a little creative, so … Read more

A letter to writers block

Here’s a little something fun for all us writers. I found this particular writing prompt on a link that Nikki Woods tweeted. I am wide awake, and I gthought I would tell dear old writers block what I think about it getting in my way when I want to write. After reading my letter to … Read more

A writing challenge

Hello everyone, One of my twitter followers prsented a writing challenge on her blog, and I was inspired to pass it on to you. Using the words Crash, Baboom, and snow, please come up with a brief bit of free writing. You don’t have to worry about grammmar spelling, and punctuation, just write for ten … Read more