Original Poetry: The Joy of NaNoWriMo

Hello wordsmiths, Wrimos, storytellers and writing gurus, Today I have a poem I wrote to get you geared up for NaNoWriMo, which starts in fifteen days! Enjoy my tribute to this exciting challenge for novice and expert writers alike. Happy plotting, pantsing, plantsing and writing. Huts, Ann November has been set aside for national novel … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Writing Challenge with Kristi Bridges

Kristi Bridges returns to share her inspiration for, and the story behind, our special writing exercise. Continue reading to find out more. INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! KRISTI BRIDGES RETURNS TO SHARE HER STORY BEHIND A SPECIAL WRITING EXERCISE! Hello: I’m proud to announce the following special episode for your listening and viewing pleasure. Please be sure … Read more

A Writing Challenge

The reason behind the challenge Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and readers, I want to do something out of the ordinary. I found this writing prompt when I was looking for inspiration for a short story several years ago. I don’t remember the website, but for this challenge, I’m going to get a little creative, so … Read more

A writing challenge

Hello everyone, One of my twitter followers prsented a writing challenge on her blog, and I was inspired to pass it on to you. Using the words Crash, Baboom, and snow, please come up with a brief bit of free writing. You don’t have to worry about grammmar spelling, and punctuation, just write for ten … Read more