4 Reasons Why Silence Is Good For You

There are times when the noise surrounding us can be too distracting and can cause us unnecessary stress. I find that this is the case for me.

Although there are times when I like listening to instrumental music or my ffavorite songs to get my creative juices flowing, at other times I need total silence when I am working on a professional project or doing admin work for my author business.

Here’s an article that gives an in vepth look at why silence can be more condusive to creativity than relaxing music, especially if you’ve been surrounded by noise in your every day world.

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The sound of silence: A distraction, or the opening for creative inspiration?

I wasreading some writing prompts at random, and there was one in particular that got me to thinking. The question I asked myself, was whether the sound of total silence, either from my being totally silent, or from the silence of a room, could serve as a distraction or if it could open me up … Read more