#SongOfTheDay: Wood by Dan Seals

A blank page for a writer is like a block of wood that a carpenter uses to create his/her masterpiece. As a carpenter measures the wood and envisions the project, he/she will create, so does a writer envision and creates the first draft of his/her story. Let’s call this draft a writer’s blueprint. In the … Read more

5 Narrative Mistakes to Avoid: Guest post by Desiree Villena

With so much writing advice available on the Internet, it would take forever to incorporate every single tip into your work. For this reason, it’s sometimes more practical to opt for the process of elimination instead. In other words: you can best improve your writing by keeping an eye out for common narrative mistakes to … Read more

The Power of Words

I find that words have power as well. I’ve loved creative writing, since I was a fourth grader.  When I was in either  the fifth or sixth grade, I won second place in a creative writing contest. I’ve dabbled in creative writing in high school, but the thing that made me want to be a writer was the introduction to New Stories of the South 2001, edited by Lee Smith. I won’t go into the details here, but I encourage you to read the book to see how she can inspire people to write their own stories.

Thanks, Kaz for such an inspiring post.


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