Character interview with Maylani Beacon

Hi everybody I know I’ve been sharing a lot of valuable posts on my blog, but today, I have a character interview with Maylani. She is a magical creature I created called a native beacon. She stands about six feet tall, with a wing span of about six feet. I have just finished working on … Read more

The 2019 Author Interview Series Featuring Phyllis Staton Campbell

Here’s an interview with a fellow author. I like this blogger’s interview style, as he puts graphics in the right places throughout the interview to give visual readers something to see as they read.

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TIPS FROM TELL-IT-TO-THE-WORLD MARKETING: How To Sell Books Using Content Writing

Here is an article from my marketing assistant’s blog which I thought worthy of a share, because it gives authors, like me, a few tips for content marketing about our books.

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Writers who have Influenced Me

Hello everyone, Today I’d like to talk to you about the writers who have influenced my writing career thus far. However, I couldn’t pick just one author or writer in particular; therefore, I will list three writers and how they have become such an inspiration to me   The first is Lee Smith, who not … Read more

Books I read and love over the Christmas Holidays

If you’ve been looking for a good Christmas story that you can read at any time during the year, I have three that will warm your heart and make you believe in a little bit of Christmas magic. The first one is called Twelve Days of Fruitcake by Nancy Hill. The main character gives a … Read more

Character Interview with Genevieve Nichols

Hello everyone, my character Genevieve Nichols is dying to talk to you today, so we have another character conversation.   Ann: What do you want to tell us all today Ms. Nichols?   Genevieve: First of all, I want to set the record straight. I love both of my daughters unconditionally. I cannot help that … Read more

Character Interview with Jennifer McCarthy and her Mother

Hello everybody, Yesterday we had a conversation with a confused, scared Lydia McCarthy. She was holding back a bit of information, because she was afraid that her captors were standing away from the truck, listening to her conversation. However, today, I am having a conversation with Jennifer, her adopted sister. Don’t be surprised if their … Read more

Character Interview with Lydia McCarthy

Hello everyone, Today I am coming to you with another character interview. This time, I am speaking with Lydia McCarthy, from Journey to the Mountaintop, the second in my Stepping Stones Mystery series.   Before I have a little chat with Lydia, I have a personal update to share with you. As of the date … Read more

NaNoWriMo Update and a Pep Talk

Hello everyone, The first full week of November is almost at an end, and if you’re like me, you’re over 12 thousand words deep into your story. If not, that’s okay too. Personally, I have had a couple of days (if you count today), where I was unable to come up with a thing to … Read more