Who should you listen to, reviewers, peers, or readers

If you’re wondering which feedback you should listen to and which you should ignore, check out the following blog post, I found it very helpful and valuable in my own writing career. Happy writing and God Bless. Who Should You Listen to – Reviewers, Peers or Readers?

I’ve got the seed of an idea planded in my brain, and I need your feedback!

Good evening everyone! How are y’all doing on this frigid night? Listen, I have the seed of an idea planted in my brain, and I want to hear from you. Before you laugh at my crazy idea, let me explain. I was listening to a podcast, and thinking about the skydiving landing pages I have … Read more

Here’s the story I promised you

Hello everybody, I promised that I’d post the short story that was inspired by a dream I had yesterday, well here it is. Feedback in either the comments section or via the How to contact me page is welcome.   A Magical Rain I sat on my bed, wishing I could go back home to … Read more

A burst of inspiration went dry

Have you ever had one of those days when you get a birst of inspiration, and you write until the inspiration runs dry and when you come back to your novel, you run out of steam? That’s  happened to me just today. At about a quarter to four this morning, I had a birst of … Read more