Featured Book of the Week: One with Willows by Joan Myles

Greetings to my fellow bloggers, authors and book lovers in the blogosphere. I hope you all enjoyed the new Electric Eclectic book I featured last week. If you haven’t already done so, please go out and get your copy of Fount! By Karen J Mossman and be sure to leave an honest review. This week, … Read more

Indie Author Interview – Robbie Cheadle

Here’s an interview with an author I met through an interview I did on a previous blog. Please enjoy her work and follow her blogs. She has some wonderful poetry, flash fiction and you might even find a new book to read or a recipe to try.

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“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Lewis Stevenson and “The Banker” by Dan Seals: how a poem speaks to my writing process, and a song adds fuel to my creative fire

Hello everyone,   Today I want to talk to you about a discovery I made about the creative process. Remember the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost? If not, you can read it or listen to it for yourself at the following link: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44272/the-road-not-taken   The reason I bring this up to you … Read more

Meet the author: Blaque Diamond

It is my pleasure to introduce my guest author Blaque Diamond. She has kindly asked me to share the following poem with you. Her bio and website follow the powem. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, or contact her via her website. Without further ado, Please make welcome, Blaque Diamond! … Read more

The song fills my head as I play, The bowl sings to me of things to come.What does the song inside you say?Is this song to be shared with anyone,or just to keep to yourself and your close circle of friends.The questions never end.But the answers come slowly,like a story unfolding.As the words take shape in my mind, it’s like an image I’m holding; on the screen of my memory,where dreams are often clear to me.What is this song my heart must sing?Does the melody ring within my soul,or do I give voiceto the song that is expressed,without a choice, rhyme or reason,it’s not a song that connects with any season,just with the way I feel.I know this song is real,although some may not believeit’s there.Just close your eyes and you too shall receivethe healing vibrations of my song,as it goes on and on.Inside my head, and flows out through my vocal cords to your ears.I sing it so that you may hear,the voice of an angel that speaks to me of piece,and fills my soul with sweet release,it fills my soul with sweet release

The song fills my head as I play, The bowl sings to me of things to come. What does the song inside you say? Is this song to be shared with anyone, or just to keep to yourself and your close circle of friends. The questions never end. But the answers come slowly, like a story … Read more

A poem from the heart

I’m feeling a bit inspired, so here’s a poem for you. The sun shines down on a lonely little girl, Who is floating away from a sin sick world.. She floats away on the wings of the breeze, To fly high, high, high above the trees. Where is she going, you may say, She’s going … Read more

Flying Free

Here’s a small bit of less than perfect poetry that I wrote just a few moments ago. I was inspired by the beautiful sunshine, and picturing myself flying above the clouds with the love of my life. Please forgive the imperfect rhythm of the little poem, but this is a bit of writing from the … Read more