Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Third Mrs. Galway with Dierdre Sinnott

This week, I have a special treat for you. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear an excerpt from my special guest’s debut novel, read by the author herself. INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! The Third Mrs. Galway with Deirdre Sinnott! Hello: I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure. Please … Read more

The Lone Warrior: Once Upon A Time in the West, a book review

Lori Austin has written a compelling post civil War Western romance, about a farmer’s wife in search of her daughter who was stolen by dog soldiers and taken to a Shianne camp to live. Along the way she meets a former soldier who is known as the “white ghost”, wanted in both Colorado and Kansas … Read more

A bit of inspiration and a question about lighthouses

I’m in the middle of reading a book of romances set around historical lighthouses. As I read the novellas written by Diana Mills and three other Christian romance authors, I begin to hear the words of an old hymn entitled The Lighthouse, which if you are a Christian like myself, you will remember very well. … Read more