Featured book and book review of Walking by Inner Vision by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Book Title: Star Signs: New & Selected Poems, DLD Books, 2019 Author Name: Lynda McKinney Lambert – Book Description: 70 poems written over the career of Lynda McKinney Lambert. She began her career as a published author in September 1990. When her poem, “Even in Arcadia,” appeared in The Daily Athenian, at West Virginia University, … Read more

Featured Book of the Week: Words of Life: Poems and Essays by Ann Chiappetta

Hello everyone, Thanks to all of you who commented on Joan Myles’s book last week. This week I have another fabulous book of poetry to share with you. Our featured book of the week is entitled Words of Life: Poems and Essays, written by Ann Chiappetta   Description: Beautifully and powerfully, the author writes about … Read more

chimes and other sounds as indspiration for writing

Good morning, I have a question and a message for all the writers who follow and read my blog. When you are trying to write something, whether it be a novel, essay, or any other piece you’re working on, do you ever find that you have writers block? That sometimes happens to me. This happened … Read more