Character interview with Jo Farnsworth

Hello everyone in the blogosphere, Today I have a special character interview. Jo Farnsworth from A Journey of Faith, which I am updating during NaNoWriMo as we speak, wishes to share her words of wisdom with us. Take it away, Jo. Jo: Hello everyone, Tonight I have some news for those of you who have … Read more

Conversation with the Zhinin

I really enjoyd this post about having a conversation with your character while walking alone, but not alone. I often times have character conversations while sitting on the front porch or in the camper with music on low volume. These conversations can be meaningful or they can be a simple word or phrase that helps you add to your work in progress.

How important are your character conversations to you? If you enjoy this post, please leave a comment on the blog and give it a like and a share.

via Conversation with the Zhinin

Character Interview with Jennifer McCarthy and her Mother

Hello everybody, Yesterday we had a conversation with a confused, scared Lydia McCarthy. She was holding back a bit of information, because she was afraid that her captors were standing away from the truck, listening to her conversation. However, today, I am having a conversation with Jennifer, her adopted sister. Don’t be surprised if their … Read more

What inspired me to write A Journey of Faith

Inspired by dreams Have you ever been inspired to write a story based on a recurring dream you’ve had over the past few years? To be honest with you, I have had a recurring dream of climbing, which can take on many different forms, from stairs, to ladders of all kinds, to climbing into a … Read more