Inspirational Journeys Presents: Two Analytical Book Reviews

Hey #WritingCommunity and #BookLovers, listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Analytical review of The Perfect Wife By JP Delaney #WritingTips

Inspirational journeys presents: my most recent book reviews

In today’s podcast episode, I give you a series of book reviews. The books that I review include Becoming Dad, Murder Mezzo Forte, It’s not What it Looks Like, Riley Mac and the Other Known Troublemakers. I also make mention of the following audible originals: The Sisters, Body of Proof, and For Everywhere. To hear … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents Book review of Lucy by Thea Ramsey

In lou of an interview today, I have a special book review for you. Click the link below to hear my thoughts on the following book: INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! BOOK REVIEW OF LUCY BY THEA RAMSAY! Hello: I’m proud to announce the following episode for your listening pleasure. Please be sure to read onward after … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Book Review of Cassandra and the Cowboy by Janine Mick Wills

Hello everyone in the blogosphere, Today I have a special treat for you. I am reprising a book feature from a blog post I did on July 9, 2019. However, instead of an interview, I will link my book review of the featured novel below. Book Title: Cassandra and the Cowboy: Texas Treasures book 1 … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Book Review of Happy Renewal Year challenge devotional by Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry

In the latest episode of Inspirational Journeys, I give a review of Happy Renewal Year Challenge Devotional: Everyday Mom Challenge Book 3 by Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry. To hear this episode, Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Book review of happy renewal year challenge devotional Book description: Ever wanted a journal … Read more

Book Review of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Please listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Book review of the last lecture   In this episode I give a book review of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and my thoughts on what he had to say about living your childhood dreams, along with his quotes and my revelation by … Read more

Indie Author Interview – Robbie Cheadle

Here’s an interview with an author I met through an interview I did on a previous blog. Please enjoy her work and follow her blogs. She has some wonderful poetry, flash fiction and you might even find a new book to read or a recipe to try.

via Indie Author Interview – Robbie Cheadle

The Secret Behind Disappearing Amazon Reviews? | Tina Reber

via The Secret Behind Disappearing Amazon Reviews? | Tina Reber This article brings to mind one question for all Indie authors: Is it better to get Amazon reviews or book reviews on goodreads? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, after reading the article above. Happy reading and God bless

Who I am, and Why I blog

Hey everybody, My name is Ann Harrison, and I’m back to tell you a little about myself, and discuss my reasons for blogging. First of all, I know that I’ve been blogging for over two years now, but I want to give people a little bit more information about myself, and my blog in general. … Read more

A Fearful Heart by Cherry Christinson book review

Last weekend I finished reading an awesome book by Cherry Christinson called A Fearful Heart. I must say that this book was hard to put down. The author pulled me right into the story, and kept me going until the end. I can’t remember the main character’s name, but I believe that she would have … Read more

Seducing MR. Nightly By Maya Rodale, book review

If you love steamy historical romances with a bit of mystery thrown in, you will love Seducing Mr. Nightly by Maya Rodale. This book will have you laughing one moment, and drive you  absolutely crazy the next. Shy dear Annabel Swift has been pining for MR. Nightly, the editor of the London Weekly, where she … Read more