Professional writing services

For over ten years, I have written professional articles for a number of outlets and writing clients. For example, I have written several articles human interest and community based articles for the Cordele Dispatch, the local newspaper that covers the town of Rochelle, GA, where I grew up. I’ve written articles and eBooks for clients outsourced through Upwork (formerly ODesk Corporation).

I currently write occasional blog posts for the Word Matters blog. The following links are articles I have recently written:

Unnecessary Educational Expenses and How to Reduce Them

Sinkholes: Warning Signs for Home Owners

Reported Health Risks of Marijuana

Harmful Health Effects of Preservatives in Fruit Juices

Using Energy-Saving Light Bulbs May Be Dangerous to Your Health

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe while Painting Your Home

Four Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Spring Planting

I worked for a company called Rushcube, from February to September of 2017, writing landing pages for recreational sports pages and other pages that provide specific services to businesses and individuals. The following links will take you to the landing pages, for which I have created the content.

I currently write blog posts on a variety of topics for Outlook Business Solutions.

Here’s what my clients have to say about my work:

Ann has been doing work for our company for nearly three months now and I must say that she has done a phenomenal job.
In working with freelance writers it is not too often that you come across a person who not only likes to work but also asks for more after completing her current projects. Every task is completed flawlessly as well as prior to its due date, every time. The work she turns in is easily read and understood as well as in depth and original, both important factors in SEO and marketing content. Communication is easy and she is quick to respond to any questions we have. All edits are made quickly and efficiently. I honestly wish we could have twenty other writers like her. Every member of our team is required to work on the same or similar projects, turn them in on time, write creatively and write for our specific types of clientele. Ann shines at what she does and is always outdoing herself.
She is a pleasure to speak to and we are happy to have her as an integral member of our content development team.
-Mia Bysinger
If my samples and client testimonial make me a good fit for your writing team, or you need a professional writer to create content for your website or ghost write articles or eBooks for you, please contact me . In the comment section, please let me know what article topics, content requirements you need me to write, along with your proposed pay rate and I will be happy to discuss the possibility of working with you.