Inspirational Journeys Presents: Forward By Fire with Pastor Writer Austin Moore

The only way to move forward in God’s calling for your life is by faith. That’s what Austin moore and I talk about in this week’s YouTube video and podcast episode, as we celebrate his debut novel. Austin Moore is a lead pastor who lives with his wife and four children in Southeast Georgia. He … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Joan Patterson Discusses her Faith in God and Her Service Dogs

What would you do if you crossed paths with a service dog handler? In today’s YouTube video and podcast episode, Joan Patterson and I discuss the difference between a service dog and a guide dog. We discuss her latest book and her writing. Sit back and enjoy our inspiring and informative conversation. Career educator, author, … Read more

Connect your Crafts to your Writing: WWJ 4th Annual Writing Conference Encore Presentation

Here’s a sneak peek at the fourth annual WWJ writing conference which was streamed live on YouTube on Saturday August 19, 2023. My presentation is entitled Connect your Craft with your Writing. If you enjoy this YouTube video and Podcast episode, click on the Conference play list to watch the other amazing presentations and join … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Surround Yourself with a Team of Prayer Warriors

Dearly beloved readers in the blogosphere, Seeking first the kingdom of God is important if we want to align with God and follow His plan for our lives. I talk about this in depth on my YouTube video and Podcast episode. I also provide tips and encouragement for building a team of prayer warriors around … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Kingdom Connections through Writing and Crochet with Christina M. Eder

Don’t let your limitations or disability keep you from doing the work God has called you to do. In spite of health issues that prevent her from looking at digital screens for long periods of time, my special guest, Christina M. Eder continues to follow her calling to write. She also makes crochet and pray … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: When You’ve Had Enough, God is Enough with Paul Granger

Has there ever been a time in your life when you say to God, “I’ve had enough?” I know I have, and my returning guest, Paul Granger talks about a time when he’s felt this way as well. Watch the YouTube video or listen to the podcast episode as we discuss how God becomes enough … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Kingdom Connections through Photography with Donna Edman

Have you ever thought about taking your art to the next level? On this week’s YouTube video and Podcast episode my special guest, Donna Edman, explains how she used her photography to help women over 50 share their advice to their 20-year-old selves and share their stories.   Donna is an award-winning portrait photographer with … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Champions of Light Book Launch Party with Althea Damgaard

I’d like to introduce you to yet another member of the 540 writers community. My special guest Althea Damgaard and I celebrate the launch of her debut novel entitled Champions of Light. If you watch the YouTube video, you’ll see Althea decked out in her 540 writers community t-shirt. Come along and celebrate with us … Read more

Fond memories of Summers Past

Summer time brings back memories from my childhood. For instance, I love to sit in my swing in the sun and reminisce about swinging at the playground when my family went camping during summer weekends. My grandparents would take us kids to another playground where we would swing on horse swings. Swings are one of … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Allow the Holy Spirit to take You from Whine to Shine with Cherrilynn Bisbano

Have you ever planned to have a conversation with someone, only to have God change the direction of your conversation from start to finish? This is exactly what happened with my special guest Cherrilynn Bisbano and me in today’s episode. I invite you to join our conversation via the YouTube video or the podcast episode … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Importance of Finishing What you Start in Your Walk with God as a Writer

Hello lovely readers in the blogosphere, In today’s YouTube video and podcast episode, the Lord laid it on my heart to encourage you, dear listeners and viewers, to finish what you start. God has a purpose and a plan for our lives. We all have a message to share. When we complete the task God … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: The World Needs Your Story with Benecia Ponder

As requested by my special guest, our faces will not be on camera, but you can still hear our amazing Christ centered, Holy Spirit inspired conversation on YouTube or my podcast. The world needs your story. That’s the theme of my interview with Benecia Ponder.   Benecia Ponder is a Story Coach and Book Publishing … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Powerful Whispers from the Holy Spirit with Christa Spaeth

The Holy Spirit speaks to us through powerful whispers. That’s what my special guest Christa Spaeth and I discuss, along with her writing process in today’s YouTube video and podcast episode. Be sure to have your journal ready, because there are some golden nuggets you’ll want to walk away from this conversation with. Christa Joy … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Connect with the Holy Spirit as you Write with Kyllie Martin

Do you connect with the Holy Spirit as you write? Do you find joy in your writing? These are some of the topics my special guest and I discuss in today’s YouTube video and podcast episode Kyllie currently resides in Redding California with her husband and two children. A New Zealand speaker and author passionate … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Kingdom Connections Through Fiction with Wendy Jo Cerna

    A Kingdom connection is always orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, especially when the connection is between two like-minded fiction authors. This is what happened when Wendy Jo Cerna appeared as my first guest in my brand new Kingdom Connections interview series. Watch the YouTube video or listen to today’s podcast episode as God … Read more

5 Tips for creating character rules for Fantasy and its subgenres

Hello everyone in the blogosphere. If you’re writing fantasy or any subgenre such as magical realism, urban fantasy or contemporary fantasy, here’s what I’ve learned to keep your characters in line with your story structure. I learned from Caitlin Alexander, author of She’s Still Here, published by Monarch Educational Services, to create a set of … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Stories of Faith, Courage, and Grit with Susan K Beatty

Do you love stories about faith, courage, and grit? Do you love stories where the protagonist learns to trust in God to give her the faith and courage to face life’s challenges in order to complete the tasks He sets before her? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, my special guest and … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Disconnected Book Launch Celebration with Riley Cross

Today on Inspirational Journeys: Stories that Matter, Riley Cross joins me to talk about her writing process and her debut novel entitled Disconnected. As Riley and I talked about her writing process, we coined a new term for writers who plot a little and pants a little. NaNoWriMo calls us plantsers, but we coined the … Read more

Original Poetry: Open Air Poem

I started writing the following poem in February, when we had a few warm, sunny days. As I listened to my first recording, I found that some of the lines (thinking of taking a walk, for example) had a swinging, sing-songy rhythm that was totally unintentional! It was a total God thing! Here’s the original … Read more