Inspirational Journeys Presents The Role of Love with Paul Zolman

In today’s YouTube video and podcast episode, my special guest describes the tool he created to teach children and adults to love one another as God loves us. Be journal to have your journal handy as you listen to this interesting conversation, because he shares a unique approach to outlining your book for plotters and plantsers alike.

Paul Zolman is the international bestselling author of the Role of Love, but the true author of love is God. In His wisdom, He placed us in a variety of circumstances that require us to find our way back to His pure love. So, what qualifies me to speak about love? My childhood experience of the opposite of love. From that austere beginning, and the distaste it formed inside me, I searched for and eventually created a method that transformed my life from anger to loving everyone. Growing up in a family of abuse, physical touch became my preferred love style, only because of the regularity. I could almost count on it. It was consistent. I came to think that was the way to express love. But deep inside, I knew that was a twisted belief. I wanted a better life for myself, which is why I created a paradigm shift that works. In this book, you’ll find what helped me move from a childhood boot camp of abuse to being a person who loves everyone and can find good about anyone in any circumstance. This is truly the role of love. I hope you join me.

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