Inspirational Journeys Presents: Road Trip Rescue Book Launch celebration with Becca Wierwille

Don’t let your limitations or disability keep you from doing the work God has called you to do. That’s what my special guest and I talk about on today’s YouTube video and podcast episode. Becca Wierwille discuss how she has learned to write in spite of her disability. She also shares her writing process and tips for writers as an editor and as an editor. In spite of technical issues at the end, I recommend having a journal handy as you tune into this conversation, because there are a lot of golden nuggets  to put in your writer’s toolbox.

Becca Wierwille writes stories to show kids they are wonderfully created for the unique adventures in their lives. Born with only half of her right arm, she aims to help others find beauty in what makes them extraordinary. Mom by day and novelist by relatively early in the morning, she wishes she could eat peach pie as often as most writers drink coffee. Despite her dreams of sandy beaches and mountain peaks, she loves living in Pennsylvania with her family. Road Trip Rescue is Becca’s debut novel. Visit her online at or follow her on social media @beccawierwille. Sign up for her email newsletter to receive free resources and monthly encouragement.

Becca’s debut middle grade novel is entitled Road Trip Rescue.



Twelve-year-old Kimmy trusts dogs more than people.
After all, her dog Bo never made fun of her for having one hand. But two years ago, Bo disappeared.
When Kimmy stumbles across a magazine photo of a dog in upstate New York that looks just like Bo, she knows she has to find him. Her parents seem oddly unsupportive, but pink-haired, adventure-hungry Aunt Skylar agrees to a road trip with a stop in the Adirondacks. Kimmy jumps at the chance to bring her furry family member home.
Unfortunately, Aunt Skylar’s idea of a road trip isn’t the rescue mission Kimmy had in mind.


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