Inspirational Journeys Presents: Forward By Fire with Pastor Writer Austin Moore

The only way to move forward in God’s calling for your life is by faith. That’s what Austin moore and I talk about in this week’s YouTube video and podcast episode, as we celebrate his debut novel.

Austin Moore is a lead pastor who lives with his wife and four children in Southeast Georgia. He has spent most of his life in full-time church ministry while writing worship music. His ministry experience and a newfound passion have led him to creative writing to tell the story of God’s life-changing power in a new way.

Austin’s debut novel is entitled Forward by Fire.


All is lost as James’ car hurtles upside down through the air…

…until he invokes the name of God.

He wakes up in a bizarre new world, but is it a dream? A delusion? The afterlife?

His estranged daughter Mary appears in the haze of the forest, but she’s apprehended by a strange dark force and taken away. James feels just as powerless to reach her as always.

Whether this world is real or not, he’s got to try to find her, and his only hope is a map with mind-bending supernatural power.

Can a man who’s never believed in the unseen step into the unknown?

Would he relive the pain of the past and face a mysterious evil to save Mary and fix what’s broken between them?

“What kind of father wouldn’t try?”

James is no man of faith, but faith is the only way forward…

…and souls are on the line.


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He lifted the map in front of him and gathered his hands at the top to tear it in half when shimmering wisps of energy began to lift from the page. The spectacle unfolding before him resembled streams of blue smoke with its edges traced by orange flames. The burning smoke swept over the parchment and lit every line of ink in a captivating display of dangerous beauty. As the fire teased at his fingers, James realized that he hadn’t flinched. No threat had entered his mind or triggered his reflexes. Only a subtle warmth transferred from the map to his hands.

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