Inspirational Journeys Presents: Kingdom Connections through Writing and Crochet with Christina M. Eder

Don’t let your limitations or disability keep you from doing the work God has called you to do. In spite of health issues that prevent her from looking at digital screens for long periods of time, my special guest, Christina M. Eder continues to follow her calling to write. She also makes crochet and pray scarves, table runners and blankets . Join us as we discuss her writing process and her crochet and pray projects. Even though Christina joined me on the phone, I created both a YouTube video and podcast episode for your enjoyment.

The following are quotes from readers who have reviewed Christina’s featured book entitled Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator:

The author’s original intention of simply sharing her thoughts and prayers with her Creator, morphed into baring her soul to the world. By reading these personal reflections, I found myself looking for Christina’s typical words of wisdom, while asking myself which ideas I’d like to implement in my life. The more I read, the longer my list became.

It was intriguing that Christina concluded her book with the “I Thirst” letter by St. Mother Teresa. Then it dawned on me that she began by sharing 90 days of letters to God and concluded it with a powerful letter that will make you feel like Jesus is talking to you. Reading that in a quiet place, with Kleenex nearby, is highly recommended! Since one of her letters was about the “bookends in the life of Jesus, I wonder if she planned her book to also have bookends.

It doesn’t make any difference if you are single, a parent, lover of pets or music, an artist, veteran, blue collar worker, etc., you are certain to find something you can relate to in this. At the same time, you will enjoy her skill of writing “word pictures!” I highly recommend that you read “Knee Deep!”

This series of letters to her Creator is amazing for its transparency of thoughts and feelings. It covers a wide range of topics from the simple and mundane to the profound. Christina has a great gift for putting her thoughts and feelings into words; she has a wonderful repertoire of metaphors. It is confessional and inspirational, serious and lighthearted, simple yet wise. I commend Christina for this courageous act of laying bare her soul and mind for the benefit of others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! All of the books by this author are inspirational, but I especially enjoyed this one. The raw honesty is refreshing. It was an easy read and one that I will keep on my shelf to read again and again. I just purchased a copy to share!

Easy to make connections and relevant to many readers. I found myself relating to a number of journal entries. It was almost like she was talking about (or to) me!


KNEE DEEP: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator is book #3 in the FROG Blog series. As the title suggests, this volume contains the fruits of a nine-month lesson in reliance on the Creator. The book consists of a series of letters, penned in longhand on a variety of topics laid on the heart of author, professional speaker, and transitional life coach Christina M. Eder. As someone who understands diminishing attention spans, Christina writes in short segments, to be read as stand-alone pieces or as part of a collection.


Purchase link: Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator (Frog Blog): Eder, Christina M: 9781734659627: Books;

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