Inspirational Journeys Presents: When You’ve Had Enough, God is Enough with Paul Granger

Has there ever been a time in your life when you say to God, “I’ve had enough?” I know I have, and my returning guest, Paul Granger talks about a time when he’s felt this way as well. Watch the YouTube video or listen to the podcast episode as we discuss how God becomes enough for us and gives us rest to continue on a much deeper and more profound journey than we could ever imagine.

Paul’s job is “ambassador of Christ”; anything else falls under that call.  One of the ways God has invited him to live out the call to “love God and love others” is through creating authentic, accessible space for conversation and community, and advocating for those that may go unseen. This happens through content like the Where did you see God? Podcast and serving with East End Fellowship and YWAM Virginia.  He is a husband, father of three, and fan of a good fire pit.
Paul’s latest book is entitled I have had enough: How Elijah kept going when he had nothing left to give:



“I have had enough, LORD.  Take my life.”
1 Kings 19:4

These are not the words of a weak man, but of the great prophet Elijah, who after faithfully serving God and seeing Him work, found himself utterly depleted and hopeless.

Can you resonate?  Have you tried to serve God, only to find things getting worse?  Have you tried to be faithful, only to find your actions misinterpreted?  Have you given so much and felt more was taken in return?

I have, and it is an utterly demoralizing place to be; yet we can find encouragement in Elijah’s story, because the verse above was not the end.

This short book takes us through the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 17-19, where the ups and downs of his difficult invitations from God can help us discern how we can keep going when we have nothing left to give.

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The ability to be strong and courageous is a gift from God; we can muster a version of it ourselves, but it cannot compare to Spirit-led strength and boldness like we see in Elijah.  The purpose of it is not to protect us from harm, but to embolden us regardless of the harm.  Elijah still experienced the ramifications of the drought, but we see no indication that he was ready to give up.

When we are willing to say, “Hear I am! Send me,” it is not just for the call, but whatever the call may bring.  The Spirit can give us everything we need – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, practically – to persevere regardless of the risk.  Yet we must humbly remember that even in this we are not impervious to disaster.

This bold Elijah is the same who utters, “I have had enough, LORD”, but I believe the willingness he cultivated early on equipped him to keep going when he felt he couldn’t take another step.  Seeking God when we can prepares us to seek Him when we can’t.
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