Inspirational Journeys Presents: Kingdom Connections through Photography with Donna Edman

Have you ever thought about taking your art to the next level? On this week’s YouTube video and Podcast episode my special guest, Donna Edman, explains how she used her photography to help women over 50 share their advice to their 20-year-old selves and share their stories.


Donna is an award-winning portrait photographer with a passion to honor people and encourage them to share their legacy. Her ability to engage

with clients helps them feel comfortable and the results are portraits which capture their authentic selves.

When Donna is not with clients, she is teaching photography to adults and children. She thinks anyone can learn to develop their “creative eye.” She encourages

her students to believe there are things that would be not seen if you didn’t photograph them.

Donna and her high-school sweetheart husband live in Fullerton, California. They have two adult children, two adorable grandchildren and two goofy dachshunds.

When Donna is not with her clients and students, she’s creating images of architecture, nature and anything else she thinks is beautiful. When she is not

creating photos, she’s playing with her family, cycling and swing dancing. Occasionally she sits still long enough to watch art films and read.

Donna’s featured book is entitled: Women of Wisdom: Honoring their Grace, Strength and Beauty.


Are you a woman looking for direction in a complicated world? Do you long for guidance from wise women who have been there?

Many women have not had a role model to help them find their way. They feel pressured by society to only please others or focus on making peace among their

friends and family.

In this powerful collection of stories and portraits, you’ll hear wisdom from women ages 50-96 who share hard-won lessons about courage, grace, and strength.

No matter your age, you will appreciate the advice these women have given to their 20-year-old selves.

The portraits are not retouched. These women want to be seen as they truly are. Every wrinkle, age spot, gnarled knuckle and pound has been earned. These

women are beautiful.

There is no need to travel the road alone. Let these wise women be your guide.

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