Inspirational Journeys Presents: Allow the Holy Spirit to take You from Whine to Shine with Cherrilynn Bisbano

Have you ever planned to have a conversation with someone, only to have God change the direction of your conversation from start to finish? This is exactly what happened with my special guest Cherrilynn Bisbano and me in today’s episode. I invite you to join our conversation via the YouTube video or the podcast episode and let the Holy Spirit speak inspiration into your writing life, as we discuss her book, her writing and teaching. She asks me questions to give me space to share my own writing news and experiences.

Cherrilynn Bisbano is an award-winning writer in fiction and non-fiction. She offers coaching, editing, and ghostwriting services at Mind to Manuscript™ Coaching. She loves to help writers achieve their publishing dream. Cherrilynn is an expert at  book proposals and memoirs.

Cherrilynn AKA the Attitude Adjuster has been teaching the Bible for twenty-five years and is a speaker with Women Speakers. Her topics include attitude, prayer, God’s will, and more.

She is a contributor to Blue Ridge Conference blog, VineWords, and Arise Daily. She considers it an honor to be published twice in Chicken Soup for the Soul; Award-winning books Heart Reno, Breaking the Chains, and Get to the Margins Author’s Anthology.

Cherrilynn teaches writing at Christian Leaders Institute, has an associated degree in communications. Certified as a Christian Spiritual Coach, and is earning her Chaplain certification.

Cherrilynn proudly served in the military for twenty years, earning the John Levitow Military leadership award.  She lives with her eighteen-year-old son, Michael, Jr., and husband of 21 years, Michael, Sr. she fondly calls her M&M’s

Cherrilynn’s featured book is entitled Shine Don’t Whine.


My raw and realistic journey through Scripture, and how the Holy Spirit performed spiritual surgery on me using the S.T.A.R. Principle

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From the chapter Expect Trials

I taught my son how to fight the spiritual battle. He struggles with Asperger’s and ADHD.  He has endured many losses and his heart is fragile. I won’t go into detail, the story’s my son’s to tell. However, the presence of the evil one was palatable. He wanted to consume my son with thoughts of suicide and guilt. At times, my son became unruly almost unrecognizable in his behavior. He was violent. This behavior progressed over a few months. Some of this behavior was due to his inability to understand his feelings and convey them. He would get frustrated and impatient with himself and others. He did not want to use the strategies we put in place to help him. That was the evil one’s foothold.

One day was different, if you have a child with Aspersers, you understand the times of violent outburst. He bit me and screamed as he exploded into rage. There was a distant look about my son. I held him while he tried to bite me. I felt a gloomy weight of darkness over the both of us. I knew this was more than a familiar episode. I claimed the blood of Christ,

“Satan you must leave, we are children of God and you have no power over us, Lord please intervene.”

The dark cloud lifted, peace came over my son. My son’s not possessed. He accepted the free gift of eternal life when he was four years old. However, there was oppression.

The vile oppression lasted a month, each time we claimed the blood of Christ, stood firm and asked God to intervene. The evil oppression finally left, so we thought.

One day my son was in his room reading, he became agitated. As I stood in the kitchen I heard him proclaim,

“Behind me Satan, you have no power over me, I am a child of God, Lord help me!”

I ran into his room and hugged him. He said,

“Mom that evil guy tried to get me again so I sicked Jesus on him.”


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