Inspirational Journeys Presents: Powerful Whispers from the Holy Spirit with Christa Spaeth

The Holy Spirit speaks to us through powerful whispers. That’s what my special guest Christa Spaeth and I discuss, along with her writing process in today’s YouTube video and podcast episode. Be sure to have your journal ready, because there are some golden nuggets you’ll want to walk away from this conversation with.

Christa Joy Spaeth is the founder of Christa Joy Ministries. It was founded in 2022 when Minnesota-based author Christa received a compelling

message from God. In a prayer cabin called “Whisper,” He prompted her to write a seven-week devotional titled “Powerful Whispers”.

Since then, Christa’s eyes, heart, and ears were opened to more whispers, so that she may start fulfilling her new purpose of helping the hurting and share

the love of Christ. This blessed wife, mother of two, and businesswoman is passionate about living up to God’s plans for her every day. So much so that

in 2022, she stepped down from her decades-long career as a Registered Dietitian at a large food manufacturing company to pursue the promptings of the

Lord and encourage others in Christ.

Today, Christa owns and operates Christa Joy Ministries where she publishes her own books, writes encouragements and God whispers on her social media accounts. In addition, she does guest blog posts for various social media accounts.

Christa’s featured book is entitled: Powerful Whispers: A 7-Week Journey Discovering Who You are To God

Description: Live boldly with God on your side! Keep reading for a 7-week daily devotional book that will help you grow closer to God and grow stronger


What does God mean to me? What do I mean to God? How does He influence my way of life? How can I become more aligned with Him and His love?

These are just some of the questions that have probably crossed your mind as you self-reflect on your spiritual journey with God.

You may have lingering doubts about how important you are to God, or you simply want Him to lead you down a more righteous path, it doesn’t really matter.

God wants to know YOU — all of you.

He wants to become part of every decision you make, every emotion you express, every thought that crosses your mind.

He wants to get to know the child that He has created.

And the only way to do that is to dig a little deeper into who you are and who you can be in His eyes. It is only then that you will be able to hear His


“Powerful Whispers: A 7-Week Journey Discovering Who You Are to God” by Christa Joy Spaeth is the tool you need to grow your trust, love, and knowledge

of the Lord’s love for you in just 7 weeks.

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