Inspirational Journeys Presents: Connect with the Holy Spirit as you Write with Kyllie Martin

Do you connect with the Holy Spirit as you write? Do you find joy in your writing? These are some of the topics my special guest and I discuss in today’s YouTube video and podcast episode

Kyllie currently resides in Redding California with her husband and two children. A New Zealand speaker and author passionate to see the Kingdom

of God fully expressed here on earth. After years of moving from one trial to the next she found joy to new levels and received the oil of gladness for

her mourning. When she’s not spending time with her friends and family you’ll find her working on her next project and planning their return to New Zealand.

Kyllie’s debut book is entitled Unlimited Joy: Accessing all that is Promised.


Kyllie Martin thought she’d navigated two decades of suffering well, joyfully even, until God placed her in an environment where she encountered

authentic, attractive, overflowing joy. After witnessing first-hand the strength that joy imparts, she wanted it for herself. So, she asked the Lord to

teach her about His joy. Thus began a two-year journey of study and exploration. In her debut book, Unlimited Joy, Kyllie shares what the Lord taught her

as she traced the theme of joy throughout the Bible and allowed the Holy Spirit to fill her again and again with the joy of the Lord.

As you read, you will discover there’s more to be had than simply getting through life’s challenges with your faith intact. You’ll learn how to:

Overcome despondency and encounter heaven’s joy

Practically activate joy in your life

Facilitate a joy-outbreak in your community, church, and nation!

Jesus wants you to have more than just a little bit of joy. He wants you to experience the fullness of it! Receive it, release it, and be transformed by

the power of supernatural joy.

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