Inspirational Journeys Presents: Kingdom Connections Through Fiction with Wendy Jo Cerna



A Kingdom connection is always orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, especially when the connection is between two like-minded fiction authors. This is what happened when Wendy Jo Cerna appeared as my first guest in my brand new Kingdom Connections interview series. Watch the YouTube video or listen to today’s podcast episode as God shows us how he can provide the inspiration needed to write life changing fiction that meets people where they are so they can hear the message He has laid on our hearts to advance His kingdom.

Born into a family of educators in Minnesota, Wendy Jo Cerna’s love of books and education was inevitable, eventually leading her into the

world of theater in college, where she earned a BA in Drama from the University of Washington and later an MS in Psychology from Walden University.

After an inspirational nudge, Wendy Jo authored, The Baby-Catcher Gate in 2017, followed by her second fictional work, The Agreements, in 2020. Her most

recent novel, Solbakken: A Tale of Generations, is an intriguing story of mystery and generational bonds.



Tora, a 65-year-old woman, is wading through an identity malaise on the tail end of the covid era. She is at odds with her daughter and unsure

of the impact of her life on a broader scope. A break-in at her grandparents’ homestead in far northern Minnesota gives her a cleanup project to sink her

teeth into. As she sorts through the mess, she uncovers family secrets that lead her to lines of inquiry with her extended family and further examination

of her family tree. All the details begin to fall into place by means of surprising discoveries, vivid dreams, and a strange new neighbor whose history

is shrouded in its own layer of mystery.


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