Original Poetry: Open Air Poem

I started writing the following poem in February, when we had a few warm, sunny days. As I listened to my first recording, I found that some of the lines (thinking of taking a walk, for example) had a swinging, sing-songy rhythm that was totally unintentional! It was a total God thing!
Here’s the original recording and the lines below.

I’m sitting in my comfy swing

In the open air.

Thinking of taking a walk

Oh what pre-Spring joy to share

As the Lord and I have a talk.


On this February  day

Out in the sunshine I’d rather stay

Instead of wasting precious time

Stuck inside the house all day.


I love to feel the gentle breeze

And hear the wind chimes ring

On a beautiful, warm spring day

While sitting in my comfy swing.

So naturally I had to put this to some music, plus the outdoorsy soundscape you hear. I re-recorded it along with a jazzy tune I had originally arranged for something else, but it happened to fit the poem perfectly. Funny how that works! 😀

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