Original Poetry: A Writer’s Lament

Oh, for manuscripts lost

I wonder what the cost

I must pay to get my story back

In time and content.


But when the manuscript is found,

A song of joy resounds

In my heart,

To replace my writer’s lament.


If I lose my manuscript

In the realm of cyberspace

Will I lose the story

Or Will God replace

My words with something better?


My protagonist, I can’t forget her

She fills my heart and soul

To take complete control

Of the story as I rewrite

The words both day and night,

To meet my self-imposed deadline.


Will I make it on time

Or Will God slow me down

To write a better story

And give Him all the honor and glory

He deserves?


As I change the world with my words

Lord, please protect my story

As I write it for Your glory

And give you honor and praise

For the rest of my days.


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