Inspirational Journeys Presents: Maggie and the Mountain of Light Book Launch with Mark Snoad

Today marks the launch of Mark Snoad’s debut middle grade novel entitled Maggie and the Mountain of Light. Join us as we celebrate this book launch and learn a little about how God called Mark to write. Watch the conversation on YouTube or listen on the podcast.

Mark Snoad is an author and teacher living in Aotearoa New Zealand. As a professional make-believer, he strives to find the magic and joy in everyday life. It’s definitely there, at the edges. You’ll soon discover it, if you believe. Mark lives with his wife, two daughters and rascal dog, Wilbur.

Mark’s debut novel is entitled Maggie and the Mountain of Light.


A Middle Grade contemporary fantasy featuring a 12-year-old female protagonist named Maggie, who battles food allergies, asthma, and anxiety. Maggie attends an ‘apocalypse training’ camp in London run by the Wayfinder Girls (a pseudo Girl Scouts). Maggie finds out about the secret that the Wayfinder Girls have kept hidden from the world; they protect Earth from inter-dimensional threats. Maggie is invited to join the elite Guardians programme but struggles to know what to do; she is barely coping with this world as it is, let alone having to deal with other worlds. She reluctantly accepts, only to be swept up in a magical adventure which pushes her, and her unit, to the limit. It’s been described as Men in Black for kids but features an all-female team.


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”Welcome to the apocalypse!” the sign declared in large, cheerful red letters. “Please register here.”
I sucked in a long, deep breath. Surely the best thing

to do when always fearing the worst was to attend an “apocalypse” training camp. And better yet, a fun camp run by the Wayfinder Girls at Dux Manor, a three-storied hostel and activity center located about a fifteen-minute drive from my home in North London.

Dux Manor seemed more like a place for a royal visit rather than a camp, with the red-brick exterior speaking of age and wealth. The large building, with matching wings on either side of a central entrance, reminded me of the Lego castles I’d built with my younger twin brothers. It was cool that Dux Manor had been converted into a hostel, and it would be a fun place to stay, as long as the rooms weren’t haunted.

But the rooms wouldn’t be haunted. Dux Manor was the Wayfinder World Center.

Please don’t let the rooms be haunted!

“Maggie and Anahira, we have to register over here,” my mum declared, doing her best to power walk toward the sign while carrying an oversized blue chilly bin.


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