Inspirational Journeys Presents: Beth Jones Returns to Talk about Walking with God in the Prophetic Lifestyle

In today’s episode, God has anointed my conversation with Beth Jones about her latest book and the two new books He has given her for the near future. Pray with us and have your Bible and a method for taking notes handy, because this conversation has some golden nuggets about prophecy and writing the vision and making it plain, as the Lord states in Habakkuk 2:2. Beth also shared Isaiah 30:21 with us, which tells us that we will hear God’s Voice as He guides us down the path He has chosen for us. May this conversation be a blessing to you, as it was for us as we recorded it. You can watch my conversation with Beth on YouTube or listen on the Inspirational Journeys podcast.

Beth Jones is an International Speaker and Author, wife to fire chief-paramedic Ray, and mom of 3 beautiful daughters Heather, Eden, and Leah. She also has an adopted black cat with green eyes, Natalya, who follows her everywhere. Beth’s mission is encouraging others to use their gifts for God’s glory, fulfilling their purpose, and living a life they love. She also helps aspiring speakers and authors to share their hearts’ unique, powerful messages.

Beth’s latest book is entitled Walking with God in the Prophetic Lifestyle



When you hear the words “prophecy,” “prophet,” or “prophetess,” what do you think of? Psychic? New Age? Woo-woo or “out there”? Some people think prophecy is strange or even downright demonic. Others believe it is from God, but that the gift of prophecy died with Jesus and the apostles. Prophecy is very much in use today, and we need it in these unpredictable, frightening, dark end times. Prophecy is a beautiful, precious gift from God. We see its proper use in the Old and New Testaments and exemplified perfectly through the life of Jesus Christ. Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ (Revelation 19:10), and it should always point to Jesus and glorify Him. God desires for us to prophesy (Numbers 11:29 and 1 Corinthians 14:1) and in these end times, God is pouring out His Spirit on everyone. (Acts 2:17) The author, Beth M. Jones, shares her personal, exciting journey in learning about and using this powerful gift from God, in her office of prophetess, to glorify Jesus and encourage others.

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This is a non-fiction book about the spiritual gift of prophecy and how it functions and operates in the Body of Christ, with examples from both the Old and New Testaments and the author’s own exciting experiences.

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