Inspirational Journeys Presents: Faith and Healing are Integral Parts of the Writing Process with Douglas Weissman

Faith and Healing are integral parts of the writing process. In today’s episode, my special guest Douglas Weissman shares the story behind his writing process, and how faith and healing have been vital attributes of his call to write. You can watch our conversation on YouTube or listen on my Inspirational Journeys podcast.

Douglas Weissman is a Los Angeles native who moved to Simi Valley in 2021. He is a published novelist and travel writer who loves food, new experiences, and hiking. His seven previous books were for young adult and new adult audiences. He has lived in Italy and San Francisco, and traveled the world before returning to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, anxious dog, and judgmental cat. He can always be swayed by a good cookie or bad ice cream because even bad ice cream is pretty good. By the time you read this, he will probably have another cat.

Doug’s featured book is entitled:

Life Between Seconds


When the ghosts of Peter and Sofia’s pasts creep into their present, the histories they have run from threatens the lives they have settled into, forcing them to confront their nightmares.

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Chapter 1, Page 1

Peter loved to hear the story of how his father tried to steal the sun.

“It’s the reason the poppies exist,” his mother said. “Your dad had climbed into the sky and touched the light, actually had his hands gripped around the sun.”

“What did it feel like?” Peter asked.

“Have you ever touched a really hot light bulb?” his mom said. “But the sun burned his hands. He pulled away and scattered sunlight over the field, causing all these bright poppies to grow. The sun, angry for having been caught, fell that night.”

“It falls every night.”

“But that was the first time. It fell and sulked and didn’t come back. Your dad gave us these beautiful fields of flowers. But he also brought the darkness.”

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