Inspirational Journeys Presents: When God Calls a Writer with Deanne Welsh

In today’s episode, I had a profound conversation about when God calls us as writers and when and how he equips us as writers with Deanne Welsh. As you listen to this conversation, open your heart and allow God to speak knowledge, wisdom and understanding into your life as a whole, and the writing He has called you to undertake.


When God Calls a Writer with Deanne Welsh


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Deanne Welsh


Tuesday, March 7, 2023


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Deanne Welsh is an author, marketing strategist and Spiritual Director. She is passionate about equipping writers to confidently self-publish and market their books. The author of five books, Deanne is a relentless encourager of others who loves a good laugh, pretty journals and spending time in nature.

Deanne’s featured book is entitled When God Calls a Writer: Moving Past Insecurity to Write with Confidence I Book 1 of the Writing with God series


Is God calling you to write? Do you have a burning desire to write books and use words to inspire people and change the world? When God Calls A Writer is a book about knowing that your desire to write is both a gift and a calling from God.

Author Deanne Welsh shares her own story of insecurity and self-doubt and what it took for her to walk, first with doubt and then with confidence, into God’s call for her to write. She gives you practical steps for listening to God and hearing His guidance, as well as the most important questions to ask as you begin your ministry-career of ideas, words, and stories.

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We question it, the burning desire within us to write. Am I kidding myself? Yet the burning desire persists. It begins as a nudge to pick up a pen and put words on paper. Ignoring it fuels the flame, pushing it deeper and wider into our souls.

Have you felt the call to write? To put words on paper and bring ideas to life. If you question your desire to write, you are not alone. Every writer begins as Moses did, standing before a burning bush while questioning our qualifications, abilities, and influence. We argue with God and ourselves. Am I crazy to write? Is this a fool’s errand?

The truth is that you have been called, by name, to bring life, freedom, and healing through the message, stories, pictures, and words God has entrusted to you. It’s time to learn how to remove barricades of insecurity and write with confidence through the call and transformation of Moses.

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Deanne Welsh – Setting writers, stories and ideas free

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