Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Story behind The Button Boxes with Temple Kinyon

Button boxes have buttons, and each individual button has a story to share. This was the concept that inspired Temple Kinyon to write her first Middle Grade Magical Realism novel, with historical settings. Listen in as she and I talk about the inspiration behind the book, her freelance writing and how God initially called her to be a Kingdom writer.


The Story behind The Button Boxes with Temple Kinyon


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Temple Kinyon


Friday, March 3, 2023


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Temple Kinyon is a freelance writer currently living in Las Vegas. She spent her first three decades of life appreciating “small-town America,” growing up on an Idaho wheat farm. Her dream of becoming a published author came to fruition when she left her career of event planning jumped in as a contributing writer for BLVDS LV Magazine, where she also served as an assistant editor. She self-published her first book, The Button Boxes, in 2019, and is currently co-authoring with the University of Idaho president The University President’s Crisis Handbook: How a non-traditional president at the University of Idaho took the institution from near insolvency, a global pandemic, and an internationally followed capital crime to prosperity and sustainable successShe’s almost finished co-authoring her dad’s memoir about his life as an Idaho farmer. Her fiction and non-fiction contributions have appeared in Home & Harvest Magazine and Idaho Grain Magazine

Temple’s featured book is entitled The Button Boxes.


THE BUTTON BOXES is a middle-grade fiction that tells the story of Andy Howell, who receives a couple of old wooden boxes filled with old buttons from his Grandma Lois on his 12th birthday. He’s not sure what a 12-year-old boy does with old buttons, but Grandma Lois assures him they hold stories about his family’s history. All he has to do is sleep with them to find out the story. He thinks she’s crazy, but when Grandma Lois is hit with a mysterious illness, Andy has to figure out if the buttons can help save her life.

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“Oh, Grandma,” he shouted. “Why are you sick? Why are you not waking up? WHY DID YOU EVER GIVE ME THE STUPID BUTTONS ANYWAY?”

            He groaned and was suddenly very tired. He’d gotten nowhere. Over the past few weeks, his distraction trying to save Lois managed to tick off his friends, parents, and teachers. And for what? He knew he had to keep looking for the button, but where? He stood up and sat on Blake’s unmade bed. Look at her messy bed and all this stuff. She’s got four pillows, two quilts, seven stuffed animals, and that ridiculous blanket she packs around all the time. He looked at the blanket his mom made for Blake a long time ago. Jean squares sewed together with all sorts of pockets and embroidered pictures and buttons…

            “THAT’S IT!”

            He raced up to his room, unlocked the door, and tore over to his desk. He ripped open the top drawer and grabbed his scissors. His feet hardly touched the floor as he flew back to the bright pink room. He held up the jean blanket and took a purple button between his fingers. 



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