Inspirational Journeys Presents: Rio Timberlane Discusses his Writing Process through Life Experiences and Familial Relationships

In today’s episode, my special guest, Rio Timberlane and I talked about his writing process, and how he stares at a blank page until he gets into his creative zone. We also discussed how life experiences and the relationships we have with our biological families and the connections we make through our writing groups, clubs and other community building efforts shape the way we write.


Rio Timberlane discusses his writing process through life experiences and familial relationships


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Rio Timberlane


Friday, February 24, 2023


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Rio Timberlane is a Relationship Scientist and Author helping others recognize how their subconscious mind influences their day to day life often causing fear, anxiety and worry. 

For two decades he has worked with thousands of people helping them reprogram their mindset and rebuild their Belief-Systems to create healthy relationships. 

This transformational work is now available to the masses in his book The Joy of Lucid Love.  It offers a toolset for the reader’s own transformative Paradigm-Shifting adventure into Healthy Human Relatedness. In this book he examines the line between healthy and unhealthy; the Line between Lanes on the Highway of Life, in an easy to understand format.

Timberlane’s passion for this work grew out of deep challenges in his own life and his desire to shift the way he related to others. When his internal system of checks and balances finally fell apart, he had to face the fact that his marriage had failed and he was addicted to sex, anger, and control. 

His whole system of beliefs had gotten twisted up in conflicts between how he grew up, military perspectives, religious teachings and modern philosophies. For Timberlane, this failure was a parallel to nearly flunking High School; at forty years old he had flunked Life. Realizing that controlling himself, to be acceptable to others, had caused his addictive behaviors, he resolved to whitewash his belief system and start all over. 

His life tragedy set him on course to discover how Paradigm-Shifts happen, and how to intentionally cause them. After cleaning up his own brief system, no longer an addict, now able to remain healthy in virtually all relationship circumstances, free of stress, worry, anxiety, and a host of other emotional ailments, Timberlane sought to develop universal transformative tools others can use in their lives regardless of their background.

After twenty years of research and development Timberlane has begun sharing his treasure trove of truths with the world. He now focuses on teaching this new Science and Art along with providing one on one sessions for Clients who seek to make major life transformative changes to their Belief Systems. 

He is now traveling the world observing various cultures in search of more truths.

Rio’s book is entitled The Joy of Lucid Love.

Description: Considered by many to be the ‘Life-Manual’ we wish had been issued at birth, The Joy of Lucid Love spans all the contexts of personal and family relations pouring forth a wealth of wisdom. The author skillfully addresses messy and divisive topics with easy and simplicity. Everything from Dating to Divorce, Monogamy to Plurality, Hookups to Homosexuality, DNA to Deity and much more, while respecting every religion including Atheism. This axiomic archetype offers eloquent and practical solutions to some of the most difficult circumstances we are likely to ever find ourselves in.

The reader is carefully guided along a journey of discovery, illuminating how and why the idea, emotion, and practice of “love” is at the center of everyone’s life, but is so easily confused and misunderstood. Page by page, the Reader is carried into a clarity of how simple Being-Human actually is; when we stand upon the Axioms-of-Life.

This is the author’s seminal work, after two decades of research into the mechanisms of Humanity, demonstrating the falseness of most of what we have believed about how relationships work. The Joy of Lucid Love is the centerpiece in a library (yet to be written) called Opus de Veritas (work of truth). This catalytic volume showcases our relationship fallacies by charting the course toward a healthy self-image and value-system; as the product of artful scientific introspection. It introduces the groundbreaking, new, first-person, science of Human Relatedness, Introspection and Transformation called OZI-ology. The associated art of intentionally creating Paradigm-Shifts in one’s subconscious, as a means of resetting limiting beliefs, is also showcased. Known as Animiatry, this is the art of helping another person become their own OZIologist.

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What if the separation between the individuals [the couple] became so small as to offer no barrier to the TRUTH that is the ONE or the OTHER? …

If so, they would be in a state of COMMUNION.

The JOY of COMMUNION is indescribable and transcendent. Indescribable, because it is transcendent. It is the experience of that alternate universe spoken of earlier; a manifestation of each OTHER so fully encompassing and LUCID-in-LOVE as to enliven our awareness of Our mutual Truth to a degree of Animatical-Entanglement, where the confines of the material world dissolve. Reaching this state of intimacy relieves us of the limitations set by our five Physical senses, and surpasses all Mental constructs of the World, our Identity, and Journey through time. In this state of awareness and enlivenment, we touch the substance of LIFE itself; our Anima become familiar, one with the other, we COMMUNE Anima-within-Anima.

Because the confines of the material world are dissolved and we are freed from the contradictions of the Physical and Mental, there is a pure-Joy realized (ascended to). We become that PURE JOY.

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