Inspirational Journeys Presents: Draw Closer To God Through Poetry with Laurin Medina

Today, as part of my Walking with God as a writer series, my special guest Lauren Medina talks about how poetry helped her express her feelings and draw closer to God. Listen as we share our thoughts about poetry, our faith walk, and being inspired by the world around us. INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! Draw Closer … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Rio Timberlane Discusses his Writing Process through Life Experiences and Familial Relationships

In today’s episode, my special guest, Rio Timberlane and I talked about his writing process, and how he stares at a blank page until he gets into his creative zone. We also discussed how life experiences and the relationships we have with our biological families and the connections we make through our writing groups, clubs … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents Three Questions of Faith with Lori Ann Wood

We all have doubts and fears as we walk with God, along life’s journey. In this special book launch celebration episode, My special guest Lori Ann Wood, shows us how she categorized her doubts and fears into three questions of faith, throughout her diagnosis of heart failure and her faith journey. Be sure to have … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Minisnota the Cat Writing Challenge

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,  I have a fun writing challenge for you. Check out my YouTube video and podcast episode to hear me read my poem entitled The Life and Times of Minisnota the Cat. The challenge is for you to answer the question: Why does Minisnota live in a chair under an umbrella? … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: How God called former engineer Lisa Betz to become a Historical Mystery writer

In today’s episode, my special guest Lisa Betz shares the story of how God called her to write, in spite of her love of science. As we discuss how God called her to become  a writer, her writing process, her books and writing tips she’s learned along the way, she shares a valuable resource entitled … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Writing the Paranormal with Caitlin Alexander

Today, I’m excited to bring you one of my favorite middle grade paranormal mystery authors. Though her book is categorized as horror, Caitlin Alexander’s debut She’s Still Here is a book that’s clean, but hard to put down. Listen in as she and I talk about writing the paranormal. INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! Writing the Paranormal … Read more

Inspirational Journeys Presents: Some Dreams are Worth Keeping with Susan Johnson

In today’s episode, My special guest Susan Johnson describes her writing journey, while living with the manic highs and depressing lows of Bipolar Disorder. She defines Bipolar Disorder, we talk about her writing journey and she gives encouragement and tips for writers and for people coping with Bipolar Disorder INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS PRESENTS! Some Dreams are … Read more