Inspirational Journeys Presents: Believing in your Story when you don’t see the end result

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,

I have a special solo YouTube video and podcast episode to share with you today. The description is as follows:

This week’s solo episode is based on John Chapter 9. I’m reading from the KJV, but you can pause and follow along in your translation of choice. After reading this passage, I share the doubts and fears I delt with when I faced contention after sharing my story idea in a Facebook group. I share The lesson God taught me as he, with the help of the Writing Warriors for Jesus, brought me through my struggles and helped me to let go of my doubts and fears of the past year, to encourage writers to believe in their stories, even when they can’t see How God plans to use it during their writing process. Do you believe in your story, or do you have doubts? It’s okay to have doubts, but when you do, pray and ask God to replace those doubts with faith, trust, and joy. Let me know in the comments how I can pray for you as you move forward in your author journey.

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