Inspirational Journeys Presents Poetry and Children’s books with Victoria Zigler

In today’s episode, My special guest Victoria Zigler and I talk about two of my favorite things, poetry and children’s books.


Children’s Books and Poetry with Victoria Zigler


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Victoria Zigler


Friday, January 27, 2023


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Victoria Zigler is a blind vegan poet and children’s author.  Born and raised in the shadow of the Black Mountains of Wales, UK, she moved away from Wales three times: once to spend six months living in Alberta, Canada, the other times to spend a few years living near Hastings on the South-East coast of England, UK, each time returning to Wales.  Now she lives in Wales again, along with a West Highland White Terrier named Lilie, a Cavapoo named Logan, a Hermann’s Tortoise named Artemis, and her Canadian husband, Kelly.

Tori’s featured book is entitled Jelena.


Humans have forgotten the old ways, and no longer respect nature as they once did, or ask before taking what they want.  They’ve forgotten about nature spirits, and the strength of the bond a dryad shares with their tree.

Distraught and in pain, Jelena can do nothing to save her bonded tree.  But she doesn’t have to share its fate; there’s a chance she can save herself.  Will Jelena find the inner strength to survive the experience, and bond with a new tree before it’s too late? Or will she follow her bonded tree to the place where spirits are reborn?

*NOTE: this story – while not overly violent or graphic in nature – is not your average cheerful holiday story, so may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive readers.

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Flitting from tree to tree, the desperate and distraught dryad fought against the pain, and followed, half-blinded by tears, as the family dragged the sled carrying her tree away, laughing and chattering excitedly as they went, discussing something called Christmas, and how wonderful their tree was.  The talk might have fascinated Jelena were it not for the fact her situation was so desperate, and her body was wracked with pain for the damage caused to the tree she was bonded with.

“It’s not your tree, it’s mine!” Jelena shouted, emerging in to the open.  But her voice was merely a whisper on the wind to the family, and they didn’t hear it.  She wondered if they’d listen even if they had heard her.  She doubted it; she’d known before she called out that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t hear her, but had needed to try.  Some might have heard her, even now, when people had forgotten the old ways.  But she knew even as she called after them these were likely not some of the humans who would hear her cries.  Still, she’d had to try.

After a while they reached the edge of the woods, and the dryad watched in dismay as the adults loaded the Frazer Fir and sled on to the roof of their car, the children still chattering excitedly as they did so, unaware of the pleas of the desperate dryad who had followed them through the trees.

“Please,” the dryad begged tearfully, moving closer than she really should have to the little family in the desperate hope they would finally see and hear her.  “That’s my tree.  We’re bonded, and need one another.”

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