Inspirational Journeys Presents: Randy Ingermanson Returns with Son of David

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Today, one of my most popular guests, Randy Ingermanson is back to talk about his brand new release! Since you showed your appreciation by making him the number 2 episode on my top ten list, please show your appreciation and support as he shares his story behind his new book. If you missed Randy’s first guest appearance and you’d like to learn more about the Snowflake Method from the expert creator himself, check out the previous YouTube video and Podcast episode, then come back here and continue reading for the links to today’s interview.


Randy Ingermanson Returns with Son of David


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Randy Ingermanson


Friday, January 20, 2022


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Randy Ingermanson is the award-winning author of 8 novels. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley and has worked several times on the Mount Zion archaeological dig in Jerusalem. He is obsessed with the Jesus story, and he strongly believes that there is something new to learn from the old, old story.

Randy’s new book is entitled Son of David


Son of David is Book 2 in the Crown of Thorns series. These are epic historical novels about the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth. In Son of David, Jesus takes a hard look at what his people think a Messiah should be. And he doesn’t like what he sees. They want a violent military leader who will destroy their national enemies. Jesus must find a way to show them what’s wrong with that picture. But first, he has to convince his own twelve disciples.  

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“Shimon the Rock, will you teach me to wrestle today?” Yoni shouts.

I groan and wonder who let Yoni in my room while I am trying to sleep. I worked hard in my father’s boat all night and brought in many fish and had a good morning meal and lay with my woman and slept long through the daylight until now.

Only I did not sleep well. I had that evil dream again, the one I can never remember. The one that leaves a darkness in the pit of my belly. And now Yoni has come to make a beg on me again.

“Shimon the Rock, will you teach me to wrestle today?”

I rub the sleep-sand from my eyes and scowl on Yoni. “Who let you in my room?”

“Your woman. I asked her fifty times if you were still sleeping, when all the other men are awake. On the fiftieth time, she said I should come see. You are not asleep, and you promised all winter you would teach me to wrestle when spring came, and the sun is warm, and it is the best day in the world for wrestling.”

Thinking on wrestling makes me sick in my stomach, for it makes a memory in me, how my brother Yehuda Stonefist taught me to wrestle when I was the age of Yoni. And now Yehuda lies dead in a pit in Samaria, and I still do not know how he died, and every night I dream on the matter, only the dream ends before I see how they killed my brother.

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