Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Grace Impact with Nancy Kay Grace

Today, Nancy Kay Grace and I talk about her writing, her devotionals, the short pieces she’s written to collaborate with other authors and her God given talent as a classically trained pianist. I pray that this interview blesses your heart and is an inspiration as you take each step of faith in your life’s journey.


The Grace Impact with Nancy Kay Grace


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Nancy Kay Grace


Tuesday, December 27, 2022


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Nancy Kay Grace offers the hope of grace to those she meets. As a cancer survivor she understands dealing with unexpected challenges. She has had nine tongue biopsies—three were cancerous. Although she has had to relearn how to talk after each biopsy, she is determined to use her tongue to share the hope of Jesus.

Because life presents unexpected situations, we need God’s grace to adapt to those changes. Living life un-edited looks to the grace of confidence in God to press on through trials.

On her faith journey, Nancy has learned to trust God in deeper ways as she’s coped with challenges of raising a family as a pastor’s wife and lived through the unexpected detours of tongue cancer. She has been in ministry with her husband Rick for more than forty-five years, serving the Lord in Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, and now back in Illinois.

Nancy is an engaging Bible teacher, an inspiring speaker, and listening friend. Her presentations are balanced with Scripture and personal insights, sprinkled with humor. Nancy’s topics include seeing grace in everyday life, knowing self-worth from God’s perspective, and pressing on during tough times. She has taught at women’s retreats and workshops writer’s conferences.

Her writing has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul,, The Upper Room, and many anthologies, as well as print and digital magazines.

For relaxation, she plays worship songs on piano and engages with Scripture through Bible journaling. She also enjoys hiking and kayaking with Rick.

Nancy’s featured book is entitled The Grace Impact.


Chapter after chapter, verse after verse, the Bible shows a loving heavenly Father lavishing His grace on us through His Son. In her book, The Grace Impact, author Nancy Kay Grace gives us a closer glimpse of God’s character. In all things at all times, His grace covers every detail of life, not just the good things, but the difficult, sad, and complicated things. That knowledge can give us the ability to walk confidently through life knowing our heavenly Father is with us every step of the way.

The Grace Impact is a 30-day devotional. At the end of each short essay there is “Deepening the Grace Impact” that includes questions for journaling, additional scriptures, and a prayer. The book can be used individually of in a small group study.

The Grace Impact won the Next Generational Indie Book Award for Christian Non-Fiction, was a finalist in the International Book Awards for Religion: Christian Inspiration, and Honorable Mention in the Eric Hoffer Awards.

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Thoughts from the book:

God initiates grace; we respond. Through the grace impact, God appeared as a baby who would become our Savior.

The initial impact of God’s grace to each of us comes by salvation in Jesus Christ.

God alone is able to work in and through any situation.

Only the grace of Jesus Christ can help us relax and grow into the person God designed each of us to be.

The key is in living life unedited — living every moment in His grace, unafraid of making mistakes

Look for evidences of God’s grace in all situations.

Give your stuff to God: your discouragement, your work pressures, even your kids and your spouse.

Be BOLD-Believe in the Lord Daily.

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