Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Making of Princes and Princesses Through Studying the Scriptures.

This week, Sherry Eifler shares her journey of how her new Bible study was created. She and I also encourage each other with tips and inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Come join us for this delightful and Christ centered conversation.


The Making of Warrior Princes and Princesses through studying the scriptures with Sherry Eifler


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Sherry Eifler


Tuesday, May 17, 2022


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Sherry Eifler is an Army Veteran, Military wife, and mother of three young adults who understands how life can leave us overwhelmed, either by loneliness, feeling misunderstood, or insignificant in life.   She is committed to empower frustrated and disconnected women to live with confidence from their heart and to believe they are no longer defined by what they do.  Sherry believes identifying one’s source of hope is the key that unlocks the door to live with purpose in intentional community and ultimately saves lives from of the land mines of unfulfilled dreams and life’s disappointments.  Sherry’s passion is to help women find their worth, be a unique blessing, and live in connected community without losing themselves. 

Sherry’s featured book is entitled Royal Reflections 2.0- The Making of a Warrior Princess

Description:  Royal Reflections 2.0 is a call to action Bible Study designed to awaken God’s daughters to live as His warrior-princesses. Readers are challenged to believe that what the Bible says about them is true; it provides clarity and cultivates confidence in their position in Christ, in their purpose as His daughter, and in their Power Source for warrior-princess living. Its interactive style captivates readers who journey together through engaging testimony of daily challenges to walk as warrior-princesses.

Readers will walk away with a deeper understanding of their position in Christ, worth in Christ, purpose in the Body of Christ, and confidently take up and put on their Armor in Christ.

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Excerpt (optional): Below is from the second week of the Bible study.  It gives a quick overview of what can be expected through the study minus the focus on living as a Warrior Princess which is how the study wraps up focused on the power and purpose of the Armor of God in our life of faith.

Princess Cynthia has come to know and believe with faith the saying “Once a princess, always a princess.” How about you? This has been a fun start to our journey, solidifying the foundation of our royal position as members of the royal family.

Before we conclude our time at the Royal Theater, let’s take a moment to reflect on a quick summary of “The Tale of Three Princesses” and what it means to us as royals. Princess tale 1 began with a powerful prayer of salvation, which provided adoption and eternal membership to the royal family with gifts of forgiveness, spiritual rebirth, God’s power of transformation, sanctification, and the status of a saint in God’s kingdom.

Princess tale 2 was reflective of a maturing royal seeking a GUIDANCE (God, U and I dance) relationship with the Lord. A dance, which always works out best when the Lord leads! Then we finished up with princess tale 3, where Princess Cynthia shared about her secret masquerade ball mask, the sin that we try to hide when we do things our own way without the Lord’s guidance. The freedom to be whom the King has called us to be is just a breath away when we decide to recognize our sin and confess it to the Lord.

Jewel Discovery: Take time to evaluate the following over the next week:

Where are you on your royal princess journey? ____________________________

Where do you want to be? _____________________________________________

Personal Reflection:  


Now we are off to the Royal Princess Academy! Take a moment to gather your belongings, as we will take a short stroll from the Royal Theater to the Royal Princess Academy. This is a great opportunity to reflect on how the princess tales apply to your life. Enjoy your stroll.

Week 2, Day 4: The Invitation Royal Princess Academy (RPA)

Welcome to your first day at the Royal Princess Academy. From here on, we will refer to this school as RPA. Please come in and find your seat quickly; we have so much to discover as we learn how to live as a royal princess in God’s kingdom. We will start by digging deeper into who our King is and what that knowledge means in our life. Then we’ll finish up our time in RPA exploring the three R’s of royal living.

I hope you are ready to get started. Upon graduation from RPA, our lives will be blessed with a richer relationship with our King, those in our royal family, and the people of the Worldly Kingdom.

Shall we begin? Reflect back to when you were in school (either high school or younger grades). For some it has been longer than others. How would you characterize the kind of student you were? Do any of the descriptions in the activity below describe you?

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