Inspirational Journeys Presents: Bliss Beary Bear and his Bear Friends share Fairy Tales of the Heart with Timothy StuetzInspirational Journeys Presents: Bliss Beary Bear and his Bear Friends share Fairy Tales of the Heart with

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Despite technical difficulties, This week, my special guest shares the inspiration behind his fairy tales of the heart and some of the bears and other characters who’ve told him their stories along the way.


Bliss Beary Bear and his Bear Friends share Fairy Tales of the Heart with Timothy Stuetz


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Timothy Stuetz


Tuesday, September 13, 2022


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Timothy Stuetz is one of the most prolific children’s authors of all time, having just completed his 86th Fairy Tale Of The Heart featuring Bliss Beary Bear. 

He is the creator of The Magical Miracle of You—A Self-Empowerment Course for Children and Families.  He also created the Power Animal Frolics—A Yoga/T’ai Chi/Qigong COURSE for children where they exercise along with 7 Power Animals in Disney Quality Costumes.

He also runs a Quantum Energy Training Academy where he’s been certifying graduates to teach multiple forms of Quantum Energy Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Qigong and T’ai Chi for over 35 years.

Timothy’s programs and services inspire everyone to achieve their full mental, physical, emotional and heart-filled potential. They are enriched through his having held children and others at birth and death and coaching people of all ages through a variety of life challenges.

Using Fairy Tales, Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, he empowers people of all ages to develop and use their infinite soul powers to achieve their full potential.

Timothy’s featured book is entitled Fairy Tales Of The Heart


“Fairy Tales Of The Heart” are uniquely crafted to bring out the BRILLIANCE of your Children’s Characters, Minds, Hearts and Bodies.

They skillfully weave Myth, Mystery, Fantasy, Poetry and Proven Principles of Child Development into heart-warming, educational and entertaining experiences for children of all ages—you’ll enjoy reading them as much as your children enjoy listening to them!

Featuring inspirational heroes and heroines like Bliss Beary Bear, these Contemporary Fairy Tales help your children develop core values, conquer challenges, discover their own uniqueness, and understand their rapidly changing lives. Interacting with and imagining themselves as these delightful characters naturally enhances your children’s brain development, creativity, social skills and self-esteem.

Every facet of these Tales—the words, their tone, sentence structures, illustrations, absence of violence, and review questions—is purposely designed to “develop” Your Children’s Infinite Imaginations, Brilliant Minds and Full Potential.  Child development experts call this interactive combination “Storytelling at its Finest!”

Whether readat bedtime, playtime, home school or elsewhere, you are gifting your children the building blocks to a Joyful Life and Successful Future. 

Purchase link:


Fairy Tales of the Heart are reflections of your heart and soul’s eternal love.

 Be You Infant, Child, Teen or Adult, You Were Born With The . . .

  • Love of nature
  • Firmness of truth
  • Laughter of a clown
  • Strength of the wind
  • Softness of a velvety rose
  • Purity of fresh fallen snow
  • Radiance of the brilliant sun
  • Beauty of a glistening rainbow
  • Compassion of a loving, conscious Creator

 Bliss Beary Bear and Fairy Tales of the Heart are dedicated to YOU with LOVE and Bliss Beary Bear HUGS!

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Free Webinar: 3 Magic Wands For More Creative, Happier & Empowered Children:


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