Inspirational Journeys Presents: How Daniel Hess expresses his innermost feelings through writing and filmmaking

This is the Kindle Cover for Daniel Hess’s novel entitled Focus Puller

This week, my special guest talks about how the inability to participate in sports and other activities, due to a medical condition, and the loss of his brother at an early age, inspired him to use creative arts such as writing and film making as a cathartic way to express his innermost feelings . We talk about how he got into film making, his poetry and the inspiration behind his new novel. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the conversation.


How Daniel Hess expresses his innermost feelings through writing and filmmaking


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Daniel Hess


Tuesday, September 6, 2022


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Daniel Hess is a filmmaker/writer from Baltimore, Maryland. Born with aortic valve stenosis, Daniel found his focus on academia and creativity developed from a young age. Now in life moving past open heart surgery to replace his valve, he has self-published a collection of poetry (Just a Boy Blaming Himself) and his first novel (Focus Puller) in addition to his screenwriting work.

Daniel’s featured book is entitled Focus Puller


Focus Puller tells the story of Ben, a filmmaker through non-linear vignettes that have shaped him throughout his entire life. Interspersed throughout the story are moments of reflection from the various women that Ben has had relationships with over the years.

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It was pretty early in the morning when Ben picked me up. It was also our first-time meeting and I was going with him while he was filming a wedding. I guess it was out of some kind of curiosity to see what it was like to film a wedding, so I was the one who suggested it in the first place. Although looking back now, it was a pretty dumb decision to do that for our first date.

            It might have been October, but I remember it being an unusually hot day for that month. I’m pretty sure it either got up to or felt like 100 degrees, no exaggerations at all. Everyone was sweating and I felt so bad for the bride in her heavy dress, dealing with that. It was mainly outdoors too.

            At one point Ben was getting flustered because his cameras were overheating. It was kind of cute watching him get worked up and sweating through his shirt. He was trying to play it somewhat cool with me but I could tell he was mad.

            Something told me from the very start of that day that this wasn’t really going to work out and turn into anything long term. So, I started taking stock of all the guests to see if maybe I could flirt with one of them. No one caught my eye, though, so I just hung out, pretending to be Ben’s “assistant” for the day. Not that anyone ever questioned it, but I still had to be prepared for people occasionally coming up to me and asking questions about the cameras or that kind of stuff.

            I was a research assistant, I didn’t know the first thing, but I could pretend like I did. It was fun getting the chance to pretend for the day, especially since I wasn’t having any good chemistry with Ben that day. He didn’t even try to hold my hand or give me a kiss at any point.

            When they served dinner at the restaurant they booked, I left for a little bit to another small diner across the street. That feeling persisted of not taking any stock in Ben and so I started chatting with my server, who was a decent enough looking guy. I told him about my day and we exchanged numbers. A week later we would go on a much better date than the one I had with Ben.

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