Observations about a Cicada’s Song

cicadas sitting on a leaf Photo by Chris F on

Today I sat outside to think. As I sat in my swing, the cicadas were singing loud and quite close to my house and the trees. At first, I found the sounds to be obnoxious, and I had trouble concentrating on one particular thought. My Amazing Grace chime tinkled out a gentle tune. The longer I sat there thinking the cicadas were loud and obnoxious, the more I felt distracted by the sound. However, when I sat and listened to the cicadas, I sensed a difference in the sound quality. Let me explain in the next paragraph.

One Cicada in particular sounded as if it were singing from a tree off to my right. His song was staccato, like two objects being rubbed together in rapid succession. To be honest, there were two such cicadas, one off to my right, and one a little further away from the first. A third cicada had a high pitched song with an interesting, inexplicable vibration,.

As these insects sang, the breeze blew gently across my body. At times the temperature was cooler than normal on a warm humid day, like today, with a hint of moisture in the air. As the clouds moved away, the wind shifted back into it’s warm, humid state, with the sun feeling as though it were playing hide and seek with the clouds. As the clouds moved away, the cicadas seemed to move further away from the house, their songs growing quieter in volume.

Last Thursday morning, the same thing happened as I sat outside. However, the cicadas were loud enough to muffle the tinkle of the wind chimes in the breeze. Not long after I went back inside to either work on something, simply check my email, or tend to one of many such tasts, the rain started pounding my roof.

The question I asked myself as I listened to the cicadas outside today, “Is this a sign of the coming rain?” There are slight rain chances today, but not until the late afternoon. What were the cicadas, the slight shift in the temperature of the breeze and the gentle tinkle of wind chimes trying to tell me.

Here’s my call to action for you today: Whenever you’re sitting out on your front porch, close your eyes and listen to the world around you. What are your surroundings trying to tell you? Write down your reflections in either a journal, or post them on your blog, and link back to this post, so I can share your post on social media. Have fun with you observations and happy writing.



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