Original Poetry: Writing Into The Void

I have an idea

I think is very good,

I open up the gate

To face the endless void.

With no idea where I go from here

Do I have a story to share?

Is it too late to turn back now

Should I start my story over

Or muddle through somehow?

If the story doesn’t flow

When I follow my heart,

I throw it all away

To make a brand new start.

I let my characters guide me

Along their hero’s journey

When I reach the end,

I can never go back again.

My world has changed

And I’ll never be the same,

When I write the story

God lays upon my heart

Instead of writing into the void,

My story has a destination

And a point at which to start

Instead of hitting a brick wall

As I often do,

Ask God to take your hand

And let your characters guide you

As you write your story,

Your characters will grow and change

They’ll take your story to the next level

And bring you home again.

Don’t write into the void

When you think your idea is good,

Take a step back

And let the story unfold.

Travel down the road

You’ve never taken before

Let God be in control

And open His special door

To a story that matters

More than you’ll ever know.

Step onto the pathway

As you walk through the gate

Open your heart,

For there’s where your story awaits.

You can hear me read this poem and discuss this topic by listening to the Podcast episode or watching the YouTube video.

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