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This week, my special guest and I talk about the gifts God provides and how He invites us into spaces for us to read and hear His Word, process God’s message to us, and respond accordingly. Stick around to the end, for we have a cute little cameo appearance as we wrap up our conversation.


A Journey Through Revelation with Paul Granger


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Paul Granger


Tuesday, July 18, 2022


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When asked who he is, Paul likes to say “a child of God and ambassador of Christ”,  because he’s learned that these elements of his identity supersede and shape the rest.  One of the ways God has invited him to live out the call to “love God and love others” is through the “shepherding gift”: providing pastoral support, creating space for conversation and community, and advocating for those that may go unseen.

Functionally, he has spent the last two decades serving with various ministries, and now serves full time alongside YWAM in loving his neighbors in authentic ways.  He also loves to create, whether it is his podcast “Where did you see God”, writings, or videos.  He loves spending time with his wife and kids, and they see their home — which God gave them in a crazy way — as an important piece of how they love their neighbors as a lifestyle.

Paul’s featured book is entitled A Journey through Revelation (for the person who doesn’t want to read Revelation)


No matter your experience with Revelation — whether you believe you know what all the numbers represent or you’ve never flipped the pages — I believe God wants to speak to you today, and tomorrow, and the next day through this unique and oft-misunderstood (and misused) book. Afterall, this is the book that closes it all up; not just the collection of scriptures, but the story of God and his creation. In light of that, it might be worth exploring.

The hope for this resource is that it makes that exploration accessible for you, whoever you are, and makes what God is communicating accessible, whatever you believe.

This will not be your normal Revelation study: this will not dive into the historical representations of the imagery, or expertly decipher the prophecies. The goal of this is not to tell you what Revelation means; it is to explore what it could mean for you.

This is designed to get you through the 22 Chapters of Revelation in 30 days. There is a Sabbath rhythm to it: you’ll spend 6 days hitting a chapter a day, and then a rest opportunity on the 7th. There are four additional days focusing on Revelation outside of the chapters, bookending the resource.

In addition to a reflection on the reading, each day invites you to a “Way to Engage”, where you can take the reading off the page and into your day. This is an easy way to allow the Word to be “living and active”, rather than an academic exercise relegated to our heads.

The idea is that this can be a simple step to engage something that seems complicated or out-of-reach — Revelation, God, the meaning of life — so that the first step makes the second a little easier. Take the steps you can, and trust God’s love and grace along the way.

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Revelation tells of a body of Christ-following people who are in the midst of frightening destruction.  Around them things are being destroyed, their ways of life shattered, and the God they love blasphemed.  They are being taken captive and killed.  Evil seems to be winning.

How would you respond?

How should they respond?

There is one invitation given to them repeatedly:

“Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.”

That call is clarified, so that there’s no misinterpretation:

“If anyone is to be taken captive, to captivity he goes;

if anyone is to be slain with the sword, with the sword must he be slain.” (Revelation 13:10)

This is foolishness… at least in our own understanding.  We are more likely to fight back, to defend our lives and way of life, to silence the blaspheming of God.

And yet we are called to follow Christ, who went not atop a mighty horse with sword in hand, but to the cross with insults cast on him.

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