Inspirational Journeys Presents: Making Sense of the Bible in Three Simple Steps with Chad M. Mansbridge

This week, my special guest gives a quick overview of the three essential questions to ask yourself, to help you make sense of the Bible. Sit back, relax, and tune in as we talk about his new book and his podcast.


Making Sense of the Bible in 3 Simple steps with Chad M. Mansbridge!


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Chad M. Mansbridge


Tuesday, May 10, 2022


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Chad M. Mansbridge is a pastor, author, conference speaker and one of Australia’s most dynamic Bible teachers—known for his ability to communicate

profound and complex truth with clarity, simplicity and a whole lot of fun!

At just 23yrs of age, Chad and his wife (Jaye) planted and pioneered Bayside Church International; a thriving local church located in Victor Harbor, on

the south coast of South Australia, where they are currently serving their twentieth year of pastoral ministry.

Chad’s latest book—You Can Handle the Truth—deals with the complex concern of how Christians should read, understand, and apply the Scriptures. Its conversational

tone, innovative layout and original artwork makes it a standout in the hermeneutics space, with the goal of making the intimidating task of

biblical interpretation as approachable as possible for the everyday believer. Endorsements for this project testify to its broad Christian appeal—with

praise from Pentecostals and Presbyterians, professors and pastors, teen bloggers and bestselling authors, college presidents, prominent publishers, and

even Bible translators—the book has recently been declared the GOLD Medallion winner in the Bible Study category for the 2022 Illumination Book Awards.

Details for You can Handle the Truth:


The Bible is for everyone … and you can handle it!

You Can Handle the Truth is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to biblical interpretation (or hermeneutics), equipping everyday believers to read and

heed God’s Word.

Struggle to read your Bible on a regular basis? Find some parts confusing, complicated or even contradictory? Wonder how to make sense of certain passages,

or question its relevance to your day-to-day life? Rest assured, you are not alone! While Christians are often encouraged to study and obey the Scriptures

… very few are taught how.

In this book, you’ll be mentored on how to: choose a translation, read your Bible effectively, discover a text’s meaning, consider context, see the Scriptures

as a unified story leading to Christ, discern between literal and non-literal passages, find personal significance, and share it with others.

Its purpose is to present long-established principles of biblical interpretation to a new generation of Bible students.

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