Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Third Mrs. Galway with Dierdre Sinnott

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This week, I have a special treat for you. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear an excerpt from my special guest’s debut novel, read by the author herself.


The Third Mrs. Galway with Deirdre Sinnott!


I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure.

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Deirdre Sinnott


Tuesday, April 5, 2022


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Deirdre Sinnott is an author, researcher, and activist for social change. She grew up in Utica, New York, and graduated from Syracuse University. Sinnott speaks nationally about the role of Central New York’s residents in the abolition of slavery. She is a historical consultant for the Fort Stanwix Underground Railroad History Project, funded by the National Park Service. The Third Mrs. Galway is her first novel.

Book description:

The Third Mrs. Galway is a historical novel sent in Utica in 1835. The action begins when a young bride discovers an enslaved family hiding in her shed, setting in motion the exhumation of long-buried family secrets. Suddenly, she is at the center of not only the era’s greatest moral dilemma, but her own as well. Should she be a “good wife” and report the fugitives to her husband? Or will she defy convention and come to their aid. The novel won The Writers Lounge 2021 Bookshelf Award and was chosen by the Women’s National Book Association as one of their 2021 Great Group Reads.

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