Original poetry: The Writers Block Blues

Words disappear

In the fading light,

Editing by day

Writing by night.

I’m trying to create along

With my friends on Twitch

But my muse leaves me

And I can’t scratch the creative itch.

I want to find some music

To help me create,

But I don’t know what to listen to,

So I think I’ll sit and meditate.

Instead of working on my children’s fantasy

Or editing my author friend’s book,

I wish I had a velvet room

With a cozy little nook,

Made just right for reading,

Brainstorming and such,

But I don’t have to worry,

I love my swing so much!

When the weather is right

On a warm sunny day,

I’ll sit outside in my swing

And wile the hours away

Singing, and musing,

And brainstorming to boot

By the time I go back inside,

My muse will shoot

The words I need straight to my heart

I’ll sit down at my computer

And there I will start

To write the story of my dreams

I’ll say goodbye to writers block

it doesn’t belong here with me,

I’ll create along with my friends

whatever will be, will be

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