Original Poem: All things work for Good

The following poem was given to me by the Holy Spirit during the American Council of the Blind Community Gospel sing on Sunday night. This poem was God’s message to me about my editing, and I pray that someone out here in the Blogosphere gets a blessing from reading it and it speaks to your heart, like God spoke to mine when he put this poem on my heart to put down on the digital page. Happy reading and God bless.

The year got off to a crazy busy start

The Holy Spirit tells me to trust God with all my heart,

I’ve struggled this week, with doubt and fear,

God Whispers words of comfort, “My child, I’m right here.”

“I know your heart

And I have a plan,

To mold and shape the words

 I’ve put into authors’ hands.

I’ve given you a story to tell,

Though it’s not the one you thought you knew so well,

Take up thy cross and follow me,

For I have more in store for Thee.

Though 2022 has just begun,

My child, the best is yet to come.”

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