Inspirational Journeys Presents: Miriam Cobb discusses how the Empty Frames Initiative helps youth trasition out of the foster care system

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This week my special guest shares the inspiration behind and the process of putting together the first book in a series of stories featuring youth, foster parents, and social workers within the foster care system.


Miriam Cobb!


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Miriam Cobb


Tuesday, December 14, 2021


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Miriam Cobb is founder and director of Empty Frames Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to empowering orphaned and vulnerable youth as they transition out

of state care.

Empty Frames Initiative is inspired and driven by the heart of the Father. We believe everyone is created with a purpose. EFI looks to empower orphaned

and vulnerable youth as they transition out of state care by providing training in life skills, counseling, community, and access to the Gospel. Within

this role, Miriam was excited to be a part of the creation of their curriculum titled, “Storytelling Through Photography”.

This program combines art therapy techniques, documentary photography, and storytelling concepts to encourage participants to share their stories from

their perspectives. The result of our first pilot session is The Story of Foster Care, Volume 1 that was made into a gallery and book.

Miriam’s featured book is entitled:

The Story of Foster Care

She cowrote this book with several contributing authors including: Angela Quijada Banks, Sarah Chambers, Carmelita Coleman, Danielle Dolinski-Sloan, Jason Hosonitz, Kelly Hosonitz, Desirea ‘DJ’ Jacobs, and Crystal Cobb.


An autobiographical collection of photos and stories that illustrate the daily experiences of those involved in foster care.

Told by three foster care alumni, two social workers, and two foster parents, this book gives an intimate glimpse at each author’s personal journey through

trials, obstacles, grief, forgiveness, joy, healing and love. Through the medium of photography and the written word, the authors created a visual narrative

to the complicated world of out-of-home care in the United States. Compiled and edited by Miriam Cobb and Crystal Cobb.

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Excerpt :

From Miriam and Crystal Cobb’s piece, Moving Forward

“Foster care is complicated. Foster care is complicated because people are involved. In the United States there are over 500,000 youth in care every day.

Youth who have individual stories and backgrounds that shape their beliefs, emotions, and physical needs. These stories intersect, merge, blend, and sometimes clash with

the life stories and backgrounds of others in their lives, from biological families to schoolmates and teachers to caseworkers and more.

It’s complicated.

We compiled the stories in this book to help bring some of these complicated issues out of theoretical concepts and into real life stories from those who

have experienced them. This book was written by seven individuals who experienced the joys and struggles associated with this system: three foster care

alumni, to social workers, and two foster parents.

So, while we encourage you to embrace these stories and draw from the experiences of our authors, we also encourage you to embrace the complicated. Embrace

the parts we couldn’t

express in one volume, or even a hundred. The circumstances in foster care will carry dramatically from case to case, and when you encounter someone who

has been involved with this care system, don’t assume to know the story. Instead, be ready to listen.

Every individual in these writings had different experiences and outcomes, but there were a few key takeaways from every group.

From our Alumni: Foster care was just a part of my story.

From our Social Workers: everyone can make a difference.

From our Foster Parents: We need more.

From Sarah Chambers’ piece, For the Storytellers:

“Who are you without your story? Paralyzing thought, isn’t it? To know who we are away from social constructs, job titles, relationships and traumas. We

fear there will be nothing left of us, so we cling to who the story says we are. The trouble though, our spirit withers if it stays here. Slowly we must

start living again at no names place, there is no right time. Draw a line in the dirt and step over it. That line asks us to reject the fiction that tells

us that the worst things that have happened to us will write the rest of our story. We start the work to integrate the traumatic experiences into a meaning

of moving forward. You start with a handful of nothing and ask yourself what will I need to bring with me on this life walk forward?”

Connect with Miriam at the following links:

Instagram: Empty Frames Initiative

Facebook: Empty Frames Initiative


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