#SongOfTheDay: Wood by Dan Seals

A blank page for a writer is like a block of wood that a carpenter uses to create his/her masterpiece. As a carpenter measures the wood and envisions the project, he/she will create, so does a writer envision and creates the first draft of his/her story. Let’s call this draft a writer’s blueprint.

In the same way the carpenter carves one piece of wood and uses the tools of the trade to connect it the carving to other pieces to create a work of art, a writer adds and cuts word, sentences, and sometimes even whole scenes and chapters to mold and shape his/her work into a piece of writing that readers will treasure for a lifetime.

As you listen to the song linked below, I challenge you to think about how the lyrics relate to your creative work. Write your reflections in your journal and open your heart and mind to receive inspiration as you write. Feel free to share your reflections on your blog and pingback to this post, so I can read your post and share it in my social circles.



Wood by Dan Seals

(7) WOOD – Dan Seals (with lyrics) – YouTube

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